Your external HR partner

HRpeople advise, assist and coach in all HR functions, which makes us a complete external HR Department. HRpeoples services help to assist companies with existing HR department as well as companies using external HR assistance.

HRpeople fills the same role as a permanent internal HR department in larger companies, and therefore all services are adapted to the needs of each business.

HRpeople also offers recruitment for all kinds of companies – both small and large companies.

Besides working as external HR department, HRpeople also offers leadership development as well as Executive Coaching to managers and managers at all levels in all types of companies.

HRpeoples four main areas:

  1. Book a HR partner is a flexible solution that is tailored to your business needs
  2. Hands-on HR tasks such as HR processes, HR surveys, APV, staffing, contracts, staff handbook, etc. We solve individual tasks within HR
  3. Recruitment & search or book a recruiter
  4. Expats – we help with recruitments abroad as well as onboarding
  5. Leadership development and coaching

The Partners in HRpeople


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| Associate Partner – HR Senior Partner |

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HR hjælp HRpeople GDPR


| Associate Partner – HR Senior Partner & GDPR implementering |

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Anja Bach Madsen


| Associate Partner – HR Senior Partner |

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Who are we?

HRpeople has been around since 2002. We help companies with external HR assistance. We provide solutions for small and medium sized businesses that do not need to hire a full-time HR consultant.

What are we doing?

We help companies with hands-on HR tasks, recruitment, HR strategy, Executive Coaching, Leadership development, headhunting & Search, APV, profile analyses, mice, talent development and employee-& wellbeing analysis.

Why us?

We provide high level expertise in HR, recruitment and Executive Coaching. We have more than 20 years of experience with a high success rate measured to the satisfaction of our customers.

HRpeople since 2002

The idea of HRpeople started with a call from a director who described the need for a HR manager-one day a week-in 2002.
It became HRpeoples first customer and the start of HRpeople.

HRpeoples Code of Conduct

We solve our tasks on the basis of a set of basic principles-our Code of conduct

We show confidence, respect and sincerity

  • We affect other people when we conduct recruitment and development processes. We have respect for this, so we focus our efforts on professional, personal development with respect for each individual.
  • All our consultants working with personal development are certified and thoroughly trained in the use of psychological tests.
  • All test results and personal data are processed according to the rules of the Personal Data Act.
  • We will never disclose information about participants in recruitment or development processes without prior consent to third parties.
  • In respect of our extensive knowledge of our many customers and in order to create transparency, we work with open job opportunities in our recruitment activities.
  • In our cooperation with both national and international companies we always work in accordance with their codes of conduct and values.

We are consistent in what we do

  • Our concepts and knowledge are based on practice research, so we know the background and the restriction of our advice.
  • We work with permanent staff. This ensures a common understanding of our values and ethical approach to development processes, recruitment and adaptations – and in the interaction with customers, candidates and networks.
  • We say that if we do not have the competence to solve a task.


“We are the future HR house and we will be the most professional in HR insourcing in Denmark.”

HRpeopleA simple way to HR


“We help companies achieve their goals and success through HR processes and HR strategy.”

HRpeopleA simple way to HR


“We see people as individuals with openness and presence.”

HRpeopleA simple way to HR