Book a HR-partner

Book a competent HR partner at short notice and get value from day 1. We look on your needs and the company’s business strategy and focused on the areas where the company wants to strengthen the organization.


Typical themes for the HR partner

  • Preparation of a good process of change management
  • Leadership development and leadership training
  • Motivation and employee development
  • Upgrading of employees competencies
  • Hiring the right employees / testing tools
  • Onboarding & retaining employees
  • Greater efficiency in the organization
  • Employee satisfaction surveys (MTU) and follow-up
  • Preparation of APV and follow-up
  • Employee feedback on performance
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Dealing with well-being and stress
  • Preparation of policies / personnel handbook GDPR


Output for the company

  • Flexible solution when the need for external HR arises, for example, at peak times and projects
  • Adding specific HR skills from day one
  • HR skills that quickly add business value
  • Direct contribution to solving the HR tasks in the company / HR department
  • Flexible and economical solution – The HR partner is there when the need is there