Leadership development & Executive coaching


Leadership development

We offer a tailor-made development program to you, allowing you to develop your full leadership  potential while achieving results in your business.



Our experienced consultants plan in dialogue with you the process you need. We contribute professional experience, the latest theory and methods in the field, which help to create the best course of action for the current situation.



Our Executive coaching and leadership development process strengthens results, employee well-being and collaboration in your company. It helps to create innovative solutions, provide insight into your management style and create direction and framework for your employees.

HRpeople offers



Executive coaching

Over an agreed period, typically 3, 6 or 12 months, you meet with one of HRpeople’s advisors. The number of times and time intervals are individually based on your needs. Topics and themes are also determined based on the needs you have as a leader.


Management groups

Strategy and competence development for boards, management or management teams

The company’s strategic foundation and management basis are clarified. We either work from an already well-defined and implemented foundation of values, or we jointly prepare and facilitate a foundation of values ​​for your organization. It can be workshops over a period or theme days.


Situational Management

Communication and Situational Management

We work with management situations where your communication and management style help motivate and create results for your employees. It can be developmental conversations or difficult conversations with your employees. We work with trust-based coaching. Our advisors will provide you with mentoring and feedback on your management style so that your employees, the organization and yourself develop.



Assessment of leadership profile and leadership potential

Based on a personal profile analysis, we evaluate your management profile or the potential of a new manager. It will typically be when we headhunt, recruit or agree individual leadership development / team development of leadership team. An assessment will always include a follow-up individual interview as a minimum.


Get in contact with HRpeople and we can tell you how we can taillor-made a program for your company