HRpeople helps with the recruitment and onboarding process of candidates from abroad.

We cooperate closely with GTS Nordic, which is one of the market leader in the field of work permits and income taxes in Denmark for foreign employees. Cooperation ensures that your company is given the opportunity to hire a person from abroad-with the least possible hassle for you.


HRpeoples International Search Process

Through our international network we find the right candidate for your company. The candidate will undergo a recruitment process that ensures that competencies and personality profiles fit the demands you make. HRpeoples process is as follows:

  • International Search
  • Interviews
  • Personal analysis/Tests
  • Recruitment
  • Follow-up


HRpeoples Onboarding Process

Together with our partner, GTS Nordic, we ensure that the hiring of an international specialist is done smoothly for your company. The company must therefore focus only on the specialist’s tasks, and then we handle the rest. HRpeople cooperates with GTS Nordic around the following:

  • Work and residence permit (including family)
  • Entry Coordination and booking
  • Private health insurance
  • Tax Matters
  • Accommodation in accommodation