The HRflex Package Offers a HR Partner According to Your Needs

A simple and safe way to HR, recruitment and staff law


HRflex Package
HRpeople solves your business HR tasks with our professional experience within HR. You can even tailor a package of different services based on the company’s HR needs. The HRflex package gives you more flexibility and saves the company both time and money, as only the relevant services for your company are selected.

Contact us with your needs and we will contact you for a no-obligation talk about what solutions we can offer.


HRflex the various services of the package

“The consultant is a familiar face in the house, everyone knows who she is, and everyone talks to her when she gets past every week. The tasks vary, and we’ve got the HR administration and its processes in place, which strengthens the individual leader in his daily work. ” Helene Rosenkrantz, director, CDM A/S